Istanbul Airport Reduced the Istanbul Transportation Card’s Kiosks

IBB, which provides transportation with IETT and HAVAIST at Istanbul airport, claimed that the airport management reduced the number of Istanbulkart filling points and moved them to the most extreme points of the area. The IBB, which issued a written statement on the matter, claimed services were deliberately blocked, stating that bus stops would also be moved to a remote point of the area.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB), Istanbul airport management, claiming that the work is disrupted, “quality access to the best price offers the IBB’ya access is blocked,” he said. Sharing the issues complained about by citizens, IBB management suggested that there were practices that forced tourists to pay by cash or credit cards instead of Istanbul Cards. Filling points down from 24 to 10. Explaining the applications, IBB, gave the following statements.

Istanbul Kart filling points at the airport went from 24 units to 10 units and their locations were determined as the most extreme points so that they could not be seen on the left and right of the exit doors.

Istanbul Airport Reduced the Istanbul Transportation Card’s Kiosks

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