Istanbul Airport 5G Presentation

Cahit Turhan, Minister of transport and Infrastructure, announced that they were considering launching the 5G application at Istanbul airport later this year. Cahit Turhan, Minister of transport and infrastructure, answered questions from journalists in Parliament as he arrived to attend the AK Party Parliamentary Group meeting. Asked by a journalist about preparations for 5G, Turhan said that preparations for 5G infrastructure were underway and said: “We intend to implement and launch 5G at Istanbul airport later this year. Istanbul airport services is still active and istanbul airport fast track service can be provided with best quality.

With the transition to 5G technology, other sectors using the internet infrastructure to make more economic production and increasing the competitiveness of the target describing Turhan, 5G not only images and communications, the Internet of things will create infrastructure broadband internet, he said.

Turhan, ” if we say today 5G’ye, used in Turkey, our devices will mean a complete change. Half if not all, half if not a third. This means import in a significant commercial sense. We need to do this in a balanced way,” he said.

Istanbul Airport 5G Presentation

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