Istanbul Airport Welcoming Case At The Court

TÜRSAB appealed to the court for the annulment of the decision that prevented Istanbul airport operator IGA from providing welcome services to agencies. Istanbul Airport Fast Track Service, passengers with a banner’ was the court heard. The Turkish Association of travel agencies (TURSAB) has taken the process to court as a result of recent decisions taken by Istanbul airport operator Iga that prevent travel agencies from providing welcome services. Istanbul Airport Fast Track services are still providing by AssistME. Istanbul airport VIP services are the best in Istanbul Airport.

As will be remembered, Istanbul airport Administrative Authority, Security Commission decision in the terminal by removing the banner of passenger waiting application was announced to be terminated.In a statement issued by TÜRSAB, IGA implemented the decision on the basis of the 2019/16 Security Commission meeting, the decision taken in order to cancel and stop the execution of the legal process has been applied as of today, he said. 

It was stated that the compulsory use of the Istanbul Airport Meeting Lounge area was unconstitutional and that as a result of this decision, the constitutional rights and freedoms to work in the public sphere were also restricted in the main demands made by TÜRSAB regarding the cancellation of the administrative process. In addition, the members of TURSAB, who have faced unfair and unlawful obstruction or various grievances due to the said law, were informed that if they reported the matter to them in writing, the relevant file would be presented as concrete evidence.

Istanbul Airport Welcoming Case At The Court

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