Istanbul Airport is the 3rd in a row. once received the “Airport of the Year” award

Istanbul Airport

According to a statement made by Istanbul Airport Operator IGA, more than 4 thousand readers and leading managers of the aviation industry participated in the vote, which was conducted by taking opinions from aviation authorities. Singapore Changi, Dubai, Lisbon and Doha airports were among the winners of the “Air Transport Awards” competition, which evaluates 14 different categories of the aviation sector, in recent years. Dec.

IGA Istanbul Airport became the first airport to reach the “best airport” award for the third time in a row in the history of the award.

Kadri Samsunlu, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of IGA Airport Operation, could not attend the ceremony held in Montreal, Canada with the participation of industry leaders due to the earthquakes that occurred on February 6 in Kahramanmaraş.

General Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Air Transport News (ATN), who went to Montreal with a transfer from Istanbul for the ceremony, Dr. Kostas Iatrou presented the award to Samsunlu at Istanbul Airport.


Samsunlu, in his speech here, said that as IGA Istanbul Airport, they had a very successful year despite all the difficulties they faced in the aviation sector.

Expressing his satisfaction at receiving the same award three times in a row, Samsunlu continued as follows:

“While continuing to be the busiest global transfer center in Europe for three consecutive years, our airport served 64.5 million passengers last year and became one of the most operationally resilient airports in Europe. We could not attend the award ceremony personally due to the heartbreaking earthquake disaster in Turkey, but receiving the ‘Airport of the Year’ award by the Air Transport Awards shows how resilient our country and IGA Istanbul Airport are after a major disaster such as an earthquake.”

Samsunlu stated that receiving such a beautiful award on these bad days has changed their spiritual world and given them the courage to do their jobs better, “We will overcome these bad days quickly with our friends in other countries and continents in solidarity as a nation. Our motto is to be the best passenger-friendly airport in the world and to provide unique services with our stakeholders. We will continue to provide the best services. Our commitment is to maintain our operational excellence as a reflection of how well our airport serves its employees, stakeholders and passengers.” he used his expressions.

Kadri Samsunlu stated that he received the award on behalf of thousands of colleagues and other stakeholders at the airport.

ATN General Director and CEO Iatrou expressed his sadness due to the earthquake disaster experienced last month and expressed his condolences to the relatives of those who died in the disaster.

Reminding that Istanbul Airport has been awarded the same award three times, Iatrou said, “It is an honor for us to be here and to give this award to Kadri Samsunlu.” said.


The “Air Transport Awards” awards are organized in partnership with Hermes-Air Transport Organization and ATN. The leading organizations of the sector such as the International Airports Council (ACI), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) also serve on the selection committee of the award.

Voting is held every year for the awards by those who are experts on airports around the world, whose opinions are consulted on travel, and who express opinions on issues such as travel and accommodation. In this way, people, institutions and companies that contribute to the development of the sector are rewarded.

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Istanbul Airport
Istanbul Airport is the 3rd in a row. once received the “Airport of the Year” award

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