Istanbul Airport New Regulation on Meet & Greet Services

Istanbul Airport New Regulation on Meet & Greet Services

Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet Service New Regulations

At Istanbul airport, from 1 January 2020, the Iga, which prohibits agents from meeting passengers in front of the terminal arrivals hall exit gate, announced that it would direct agents to the paid Meeting Lounge area or the passengers who wish to get Meet and Greet service, they may apply to Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet Service provider AssistME LLC. It was also clear how much the fees were in this area and how they would be used. 

4 euro plus VAT per passenger

The Meeting Lounge area, which is mandatory for the agents to welcome passengers at Istanbul airport, is 4 euro plus VAT per passenger, and this figure has fallen as the number of passengers increases. For example, in a group of 50 people, Payment Per person will be 3.22 euros plus VAT. On the other hand, the chaos at the airport has increased since January 1, as it is forbidden to hold banners. The chaos is likely to escalate during the tourist season.

Rationale for ‘combating hanutism’

According to Aynur Tekin of the newspaper Wall, those who do not comply with this ban have been fined as of January 1. The Meeting Lounge, which will be available free of charge until March 31, will become toll-free after that date. On the other hand, Ismail Şanlı, Istanbul airport Administrative Officer, explained the reason for the ban as ‘fighting hanutçuluk’, while representatives of the tourism sector are reacting to the decision.

No forwarding in other languages

The Meeting Lounge, designed as an area where guests from abroad will meet with travel agents, is located on the left side of the Istanbul airport international inbound passenger Gate. The incoming passenger door has arrows pointing to the Meeting lounge. However, the orientation was crafted in English only with Latin letters. Arabic Chinese Russian Persian other languages, such as information is not available.

How are passengers welcomed?

Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet services carried out by the AssistME brand. Passengers wishing to purchase a quick pass at Istanbul airport can purchase via THIS link (Reservation). The AssistME brand is a FJET Aviation Brand. The company, which has been providing passenger welcome and send-off services for many years, continues to provide the best quality fast track service with its 50 staff. 

Tourist guides and those interested in the transfer of hotels are expected to see the names of the passengers they will meet on this screen and meet them. However, the passenger does not know the person who will meet him or her, and the person who comes to meet him or her does not know the ‘description’ of the passenger, so everyone tries to guess each other’s appearance!

Agency officials who meet passengers at the airport are said to be in a difficult situation. “He’s from Spain, he’s probably blond,” a guide waiting at the incoming passenger door says to his guest.  “He could be a brunette, how can you be sure?“when I ask him, he says,” you see us, ” with his hands on both sides.

Is the purpose of the arrangement to protect agents who open offices at the airport?

Nuri Ilgın, who has been working in the sector for 15 years, said that the arrangement is the request of agents who open offices at the airport at exorbitant prices to receive a share of the welcome cake.:

He said: “they want to grab the passengers who can’t meet us to get the high rent they pay. There’s a lot of money in the welcome. The IGA is aware of this and wants to take it. But he wants to do it now and make money as soon as possible. They set up a Meeting Lounge directly there without installing any systems. They came the other day, they said,’ Get Out Of Here.’ You see, all the passengers are victims. I signed up the guest’s name, and hasbel kader went to the guest Meeting lounge. But they couldn’t even find the name of the guest, the name I had written down personally. Operational deficiencies are also knee-high.

Istanbul Airport New Regulation on Meet & Greet Services

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